Siril 0.9.0 beta

Release date: Nov 11, 2014.

The SVN revision of this release is 671. We don't have SVN tags or branches for now.

The package has been introduced in debian unstable and will soon be available in other OS based on debian (Ubuntu, Mint and so on).


See the installation page for help on dependencies and compilation.

What's new in Siril 0.9.0 beta

Siril 0.9.0 beta is the new version (2012-2014) of Siril. It is a massive upgrade of the previous 0.8 version of 2006 (old website). Many things have changed since then, including:

  • new development team and website
  • many new image formats supported for import (converted to Siril's FITS: 8-bit and 16-bit BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, NetPBM binary images, PIC (IRIS), RAW DSLR images and loaded natively: SER files and any film) and export
  • new demosaicing tool with 4 algoritms (AHD, VNG, Bilinear, Super Pixel)
  • better image sequence handling, with non-contiguous sequences, but still requiring file names to be postfixed by integers (like: and not
  • new graphical user interface based on GTK+ version 3.4 and above, and in general, update of dependencies to latest versions
  • new display modes added to the standard linear scaling with lo/hi bounds: log, asinh, sqr, sqrt, histeq, negative, false colors
  • manual translation as new registration method with two preview renderings of the current image with reference frame in transparency
  • automatic translation as new registration method for deep-sky images, based on the FWHM/PSF analysis of one star instead of DFT, more suited for planetary and nebula images
  • new commands available for the command line, see the list of available commands
  • a star finding algorithm with PSF information
  • new processing functions: unsharp mask, background extraction, green dominance removal, new method for background equalization, two-way Fourier transform used to remove annoying patterns in images, kappa-sigma stacking
  • new image compositing tool, allowing colour images to be created from multiple one-channel images by affecting user-defined colours
  • numerous bugs fixed and internal code refactoring for a better extensibility