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Siril 1.2.0-rc1

Release date: June 1, 2023

This is the first release candidate of the 1.2 version. See the main release article on Many bugs have been fixed since the previous beta, which makes this new version more stable and reliable. However, we remind you that the release candidate version of the software is an intermediate stage of development that precedes the final version. It should be noted that a release candidate may contain bugs, unfinished features and stability issues. It is made available to users for feedback and extensive testing. Your contribution in reporting problems will help the developers to improve the final version of the software.


See the page of the main site for a detailed presentation of the version. Download links:

Changes since 1.2.0-beta2

  • Fixed handling of special characters in sequence name during conversion
  • Fixed crash in seqstarnet when processing single-file sequences (SER, FITSEQ)
  • Fixed hang in seqstarnet when processing a single-file sequence with no star mask
  • Fixed using default masters names in calibrate (GUI)
  • Fixed invoking external programs in CLI mode (Windows only)
  • Fixed stream setting for all versions of ffmpeg (mp4 export crash)
  • Fixed crash when doing manual registration of sequence with variable image sizes (now disabled)
  • Fixed UI and command issues in deconvolution code
  • Fixed star recomposition issue where LIVETIME and STACKCNT could be doubled when processing the starless and star mask parts of the same image
  • Fixed "image copy error in previews" bug in asinh transformation
  • Fixed reset of the viewports when reopening the RGB composition tool after opening a mono sequence
  • Fixed star detection for undersampled mono images
  • Fixed sequence cleaning with opened image and resetting the reference image
  • Fixed photometry with 32bit images from PRISM
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour when resetting right-hand stretch type in star recomposition tool
  • Fixed sequence handling when images have different number of layers
  • Fixed GNUplot terminals so they remain interactive and free resources when closed
  • Fixed crash that could occur when parsing string keywords that contained forbidden characters
  • Fixed calling external processes that left too many opened file descriptors
  • Fixed Stop behavior for starnet and local
  • Fixed crash when running merge_cfa in headless mode
  • Fixed console logs output on Windows when messages contained widechars
  • Fixed networking detection at build-time and made it and exiv2 optional
  • Fixed bug in NetPBM file import
  • Changed Windows to build in console mode even for stable releases
  • Changed gnuplot initialization to keep plots open after stopping main process (and fixed leak)
  • Changed image opening for all images not from Siril (ensures DATAMAX is correct)
  • Improved parsing of localization data for wider imaging software compatibility
  • Improved DATE-OBS control and log for solar system features
  • Improved clipping model in luminance-based GHS stretches
  • Improved Wayland support
  • Reviewed and fixed coordinate conversion from WCS to display for annotations, nomad command, pcc
  • Improved handling on Windows to support more recent cygwin builds
  • Updated URLs to query online catalogs

New features

  • Added GHS saturation stretch mode
  • Added special formatter to parse date-time in path parsing
  • Added Astro-TIFF in sequence export
  • Added read of datetime in jpeg and png file with exiv2
  • Added Danish language

Known issues

Inevitably, some problems exist in every release, even if we do our best to verify that everything works as expected. For convenience, here is a list of problems that have been found in this release

  • Crash in background extraction samples removing
  • Crash in binning with ushort images
  • Crash in findstar when a large saturated patch was close to border