Software for image processing

An interesting list of open projects for astrophysics can be found in the Astrophysics Source Code Library.

Multiple capabilities software

Software able to do several things, generally registration and stacking at least.


Website (internal project). Arch Linux AUR package.

Siril was meant to be Iris for Linux. The new version 0.9 has been released, more oriented into graphical interaction than command line as old versions used to be. It has been updated to work with GTK+-3.6 and all modern systems libraries.


Website. Lxnstack is a program designed to align and stack astronomical images (both planetary and deep-sky). Python/Qt made for Linux-based systems.

Noteworthy features are the sub-pixel alignment and the ability to generate light curves.

GIMP astronomy plugins

Website. Arch Linux AUR package.

These plug-ins for Gimp intend to be useful for astronomical image processing. They implement all basic functions for astronomy image processing, for GIMP's 8-bit images.

Single capability software

Software developped for one main capability.


Website. Arch Linux AUR package.

Focus Helper for Astrophotography

astrofocuser is a very simple tool written with Qt 4.5 to help star focusing in astrophotogaphy. This tool applies an FWHM by transparency on the background window.


Website. Arch Linux AUR package.

AVI file frame selector

AstroAviBrowser is a tool for astronomy imaging capture/processing. With AstroAviBrowser, you may open a video file, select the good frames and save the new sequence in a new AVI file. It also debayers your raw sequences.

Revision 101 fixes the dependency against recent versions of libavifile.