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Known issues

Inevitably, some problems exist in every release, even if we do our best to verify that everything works as expected. For convenience, here is a list of problems that were identified after the release, potentially corrected in subsequent minor versions:

  • the installer for Mac was the wrong version, it has been replaced in the same file on the 7th of April at 8am UTC
  • the installer for windows seems to be missing some icons because of a change in the icons of GTK+ just before we packaged it, but it's just a cosmetic problem
  • the seqcosme command, for cosmetic correction applied to a sequence from a file of bad pixels, was not correcting bad columns to all images in the sequence - fixed for next 1.0
  • starting scripts from the command line of the GUI with @ (as explained here) only works one time - filed as #796
  • conversion had a limit in the length of the output path (a total of 127 characters), this is fixed for next 1.0 (no more limit)
  • a program crash could happen during star detection when a star was on the image border - fixed for next 1.0
  • 8-bit FITS images are not processed or loaded correctly - filed as #812
  • plots would crash with negative values in X axis - fixed for next 1.0
  • the min/max display doesn't set the low cursor to the image minimum, it's always 0 - fixed for next 1.0