The source available from the download page is quite old. Fortunately, the authors have been kind enough to give us the current versions (August 2012). There are two ways to understand the serial protocol for the MCMTII, using source from both sides of the serial link:

  • the source archive for the communication DLL. The archive contains sources of the setup program used to configure the MCMTII, and of the DLL used by PRISM or by the Ascom driver. Here is a local copy of the archive available on the website, version Here is the current version (2012.08) of the DLL, given by the developers. The code is in Delphi language for Windows.
  • the code of the micro-controllers, a single C file, is available on the official download page too, and is actually easier to read than the DLL's code to understand the serial protocol. Here is the local copy of the website's C file (v2.7.1), and Here is the copy of the current version (v2.7.5, August 2012).