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sudo port install gsl
sudo port install gsl
<br />
<br />
sudo port install libconfig-hr</tt>
sudo port install libconfig-hr
<br />
sudo port install gnome-font-viewer</tt>


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Installing Siril

To install from source, you will have to install the base development packages: autoconf, automake, libtool, pkg-tools, make, gcc.

Siril is developed with Arch Linux, which has all latest packages versions, and Linux Mint 16, a slightly old distribution. This allows us to verify a large range of package versions.

Installing on Debian

Debian 6 doesn't have GTK+ version 3, so you need at least version 7, codename Wheezy. Siril now uses a GTK+ 3.6 while Wheezy only has the 3.4. For a desktop system, the next stable is probably the better choice, called Debian testing, currently version 8 with codename Jessie. We maintain an official debian package which is in the debian unstable repository. It will also be available in Jessie and on other debian-based systems soon. Until then, or if you want to build the latest version from source, use the procedure below.

First, you will need those packages to have a proper build system:

autoconf automake make gcc libtool pkg-config

Then you can generate the configure script:

$ aclocal && autoconf && autoheader && automake --add-missing

And install mandatory dependencies:

libfftw3-dev libgsl0-dev libcfitsio3-dev libgtk-3-dev libconfig++-dev

Finally you can install optional dependencies you want:

libpng-dev libjpeg-dev libtiff5-dev libraw-dev, for film (AVI and others) support: libffms2-dev, and for image resizing in LRGB tool: libopencv-dev and g++.

Note that libtiff5 is incompatible with opencv in debian 7, in that case you need to install libtiff4 instead. And in debian 8, libjpeg8-dev has been replaced by libjpeg62-turbo-dev, which is also installed by libtiff5-dev.

And run the configure and make.

Installing on Ubuntu

A list of dependencies has been reported for Ubuntu 14.10, for building the executable from source. Use the following command to install all of them:

sudo apt-get -y install autoconf build-essential libgtk-3-dev fftw3-dev libgsl0-dev cfitsio-dev libconfig++-dev libtiff-dev libjpeg-dev libraw-dev libffms2-dev libopencv-dev

Then proceed with the normal procedure, and use sudo make install to install Siril.

Installing on Arch Linux

Vincent maintains an AUR package for Siril. Download the tarball, run makepkg to build the package and pacman -U to install the package.

Installing on MacOS

SIRIL installation under Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).

Install XCode via the App Store (free software).

Install XQuartz via (free software)

Install the command line tools by typing in a Terminal window: xcode-select --install

Install the MacPorts software (free) : (Follow the installation instructions on this site.)

The following is done in a Terminal window. One should first install some libraries:
sudo port install automake
sudo port install autoconf
sudo port install gtk3
sudo port install gnome-icon-theme
sudo port install librsvg
sudo port install cfitsio
sudo port install fftw-3
sudo port install gsl
sudo port install libconfig-hr
sudo port install gnome-font-viewer

Also install some optional dependencies (recommanded) :
sudo port install libraw
sudo port install tiff
sudo port install libpng
sudo port install opencv

Now you must manually install libjpeg:
curl --remote-name
tar -xzvf jpegsrc.v9a.tar.gz
cd jpeg-9a
./configure --prefix=/usr/local
sudo make install

Install the ffms2 library which is not present in MacPorts. Download it here:, in the ffms2 folder, type from the terminal: ./configure --prefix=/opt/local
sudo make install

Download the SIRIL sources:

svn co

In the siril/src folder, edit the file and suppress (two times) the string "-export-dynamic"

In the terminal go to the siril folder:

cd siril

Generate the configure file by typing:

aclocal && autoconf && autoheader && automake --add-missing

Then run ./configure and make. To install Siril, use the usual:

sudo make install

Launch SIRIL :


Enjoy !

Siril on MacOS.png