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Siril 1.0.0-RC1

Release date: Nov 20, 2021

This is the first release candidate of the upcoming 1.0 version. It comes with the final improvements over the previous beta version (0.99.10) and bug fixes. The next months will be dedicated to testing this release candidate and improving the final details of the first stable release in more than two years.

The main new features are the pixel math tool, the new plots that can be used to filter images out, tilt estimation and better star detection and WCS handling.


As a release-candidate version of Siril 1.0, we only distribute this version with the packages for the 3 most common platforms (Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux). See the download page.

But as usual, since siril is a free software, it can be built on any OS from source, see the installation page.

What's new in this version

Illustrated release notes with presentation of the main features is available on the main site.

Short form, from the change log or NEWS file:

  • New Pixel Math tool
  • New plot tool to visualize and sort sequence based on any registration data field available
  • New tilt estimation feature (from GUI or command)
  • New SNR estimator in photometry analysis
  • New button for quick photometry
  • New commands seqcosme and seqcosme_cfa to remove deviant pixels on sequence, using file computed with find_hot
  • New command boxselect to specify a selection box with x, y, w and h
  • Improved candidates star detection speed and accuracy with a new algorithm
  • Reviewed GUI and improved responsiveness
  • Saving focal and WCS data in the swap file using undo/redo
  • WCS data is now updated after geometric transformations (mirror, rotate and crop)
  • Seqcrop command can now be used in scripts
  • Added autocropping of wide-field images, as well as using a selection for plate solving
  • Added choices of degrees of freedom (shift, similitude, affine or homography) for global registration
  • Added UI button to plot WCS grid and compass
  • Added user catalogue for astrometry annotation
  • Added GAIA EDR3 catalogue for astrometry
  • Added choice between clipboard and file for snapshot
  • Added equalize CFA for X-Trans sensor
  • Allowing debayer to be forced for SER files
  • Converted constant bitrate quality to constant quality rate settings in sequence export to film
  • Fixed memory leak in opencv that made registration of FITS files fail often
  • Fixed FWHM units and star center position in Dynamic PSF
  • Fixed global registration with various image sizes
  • Fixed bug in ECC algorithm

The complete list of tickets (features and bugs, with details) is here, on gitlab.