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Siril 0.9.5

Release date: Nov 28, 2016.

This release is the fifth stability release for the 0.9 branch. Its SVN revision is 1646, but it also has an SVN tag: 0.9.5. Stability updates and minor improvements occur in the dedicated 0.9 branch.


   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lock042/siril
   sudo apt-get update
   sudo apt-get install siril
  • Fedora, Mageia 5: All
  • Arch Linux: All.

See the installation page for help on dependencies and compilation.

What's new in Siril 0.9.5

Siril 0.9.5 is mostly a stability release, it contains some bug fixes over to the previous version, 0.9.4 but also adds new features:

  • Implement a graph interface to display quality registration information
  • Export sequence to MP4
  • No X and Y binning value could lead to errors with fwhm
  • Retrieve Bayer pattern from RAW file
  • Add ComboBox for registration interpolation
  • Take reference image as normalisation reference
  • Statistics should not take into account black point
  • Fixed interpolation in global star registration that gave blurred results
  • Fixed FreeBSD intltool compilation fails
  • Fixed erroneous created sequence in registration with unselected images
  • Fixed compilation that failed on KFreeBSD

Note: support for films such as AVI has been dropped and many functions of Siril will not work for them, in favour of the SER format. This version of Siril provides a way to convert films into SER sequences, on which all Siril processing functions are supported.

Note: support for GIF file export has been dropped in favour of the mp4 or webm film format, which is a more modern way of handling animated image and also compatible with Web browsers.