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* Bientôt d'autres.
* Bientôt d'autres.

See the [[Siril:install|installation page]] for help on dependencies and compilation.
Voir la [[Siril:install|page d'installation]] pour obtenir de l'aide sur les dépendances et la compilation.

==What's new in Siril 0.9.0==
==What's new in Siril 0.9.0==

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Siril 0.9.0

Date de sortie: 28 Oct 2015

Cette version est la première version stable de Siril. Sa revision SVN est 1037 et il y a aussi un tag SVN: 0.9.0. Les mises à jour de stabilité et améliorations mineures seront effectuées dans la branche dédiée, 0.9.

Téléchargements :

Voir la page d'installation pour obtenir de l'aide sur les dépendances et la compilation.

What's new in Siril 0.9.0

Siril 0.9.0 is the first stable of the new version (2012-2015) of Siril. Contrary to the name of its previous version 0.9.0 rc1, it includes many new features on top of the stability improvements. Starting with this stable version, a more conventional release cycle will be used, with stability updates in subminor releases. Next stable version will be 1.0.

At mid-course during the development of this release, a bug tracking system has been introduced. Here is a link to all issues or feature requests fixed or included in this new version.

Here is a summary of these new features:

  • new global star registration, taking into account field rotation
  • new quality evaluation method for planetary images, used to sort the best
  • images selected for stacking
  • new parallelized stacking algorithm for all sequences, including all SER formats, allowing maximum used memory to be set
  • threading of the most time consuming processings, to keep the GUI reactive, as well as many other speed improvements
  • tested and improved on FreeBSD and MacOS X systems, and ARM architectures
  • undo/redo on processing operations
  • sequence cropping tool

Note: support for films such as AVI has been dropped and many functions of Siril will not work for them, in favour of the SER format. In a future release, we will allow their conversion to SER. In the mean time, only sum stacking should be working properly with them.