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Siril 0.9.1

Release date: Dec 1st, 2015.

This release is the first stability release for the 0.9 branch. Its SVN revision is 1071, but it also has an SVN tag: 0.9.1. Stability updates and minor improvements will occur in the dedicated 0.9 branch.


  • Source package: siril-0.9.1.tar.bz2
  • Debian package is about to be available in unstable, we are waiting for approval. Testing migration will occur within the following 10 days.
  • More soon.

See the installation page for help on dependencies and compilation.

For people who want using Siril on Windows, it is somewhat possible with a virtual machine. This file explains how to do it.

What's new in Siril 0.9.0

Siril 0.9.1 is a stability release: it contains only 2 bug fixes compared to the previous version, Siril:0.9.0, in particular it handles the new gsl library version 2.0 that was released approximately at the same time as 0.9.0. See the changelog for more information.

A crash was also happening on the first launch of Siril, or when no configuration file was available. It has been fixed with 0.9.1.

Note: support for films such as AVI has been dropped and many functions of Siril will not work for them, in favour of the SER format. In a future release, we will allow their conversion to SER. In the mean time, only sum stacking should be working properly with them.