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Star detection

As said before, this dynamic PSF also contains an automatic tool of star detection. This algorithm is based on the publication of Mighell, J. J.[1] which is a simple peak detector algorithm indentifying any pixel that is greater than any of its eight neighbors. In addition to this basic algorithm, a PSF is applied on every possible "detected stars" and Siril rejects all detected structures that don't fulfill a set of prescribed detection criteria. Finaly, a circle is drawn around detected stars. Nevertheless, if a non-stellar object is selected, it is possible to select it and remove it from the list. You may notice that during the automatic star detection, no rotation angle are fitted due to speed consideration.

  1. Mighell, K. J. 1999, in ASP Conf. Ser., Vol. 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII, eds. D. M. Mehringer, R. L. Plante, & D. A. Roberts (San Francisco: ASP), 317.