5.1. Image display conventions It is very helpful to adopt a convention for the display of images transferred via the FITS format. Many of the current image processing systems have converged upon such a convention. Therefore, we recommend that FITS writers order the pixels so that the first pixel in the FITS file (for each image plane) be the one that would be displayed in the lower-left corner (with the first axis increasing to the right and the second axis increasing upwards) by the imaging system of the FITS writer. This convention is clearly helpful in the absence of a description of the world coordinates. It does not preclude a program from looking at the axis descriptions and overriding this convention, or preclude the user from requesting a different display. This convention also does not excuse FITS writers from providing complete and correct descriptions of the image coordinates, allowing the user to determine the meaning of the image. The ordering of the image for display is simply a convention of convenience, whereas the coordinates of the pixels are part of the physics of the observation.