What's new in this beta

This beta is mainly a bug fixes release

  • Fixed a bug in demosaicing orientation.
    • 0.99.4 version has brought a lot of improvement in the demosaicing feature, but a lot of change as well. A lot of new camera is now handled by this new Siril and the introduction of a new FITS keyword tries to make more standard the way we choose the debayer algorithm orientation. However, a bug was present in the 0.99.4 that led to choose the wrong debayer orientation for BOTTOM-UP files with odd height.
  • Fixed a bug in macOS package where Siril was not multithreated while processing FITS files
  • Fixed memory leak in pixel max/min stacking
  • Fixed crash when selecting 1 pixel
  • Better integration in low resolution screen
  • Added embed ICC profile in png and TIFF files
  • By default Siril now checks update at startup
  • By default Siril now needs "requires" command in Script file
  • Refactoring of image display with pan capacity
  • Added button + and - for zooming management
  • And many other fixes...