What's new in Siril 0.9.4

Siril 0.9.4 is a stability release: it contains some bug fixes over to the previous version, 0.9.3 and some new features:

  • Fixed issues with SER in generic processing function
  • Fixed inability to open FITS when filename had parenthesis
  • Fixed selecting new images did not update the number of selected images
  • Fixed histogram sliders lag on OS-X
  • Fixed message "Error in highest quality accepted for sequence processing....." during stack of %, even if quality data are computed
  • Fixed sequence export to SER with unselected images
  • Fixed global star alignment with angle close to 180deg
  • Fixed undo cosmetic correction
  • Fixed crash in peaker function
  • Fixed aborting global star registration summary
  • Fixed sequence list which was unreadable with dark GTK theme
  • Fixed the update of the list of images