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Siril 1.2.0-beta1

Release date: Feb 24, 2023

This is the first public release for the 1.2 branch. This is the result of a year of work of a growing team and contains a huge number of new features and improvements. The version is tagged beta1 because it will be a way to get some feedback about the new features before the real 1.2.0 release. We use and test this version regularly, but it's just too difficult to cover all use cases, so we cannot mark this version as stable yet. See the main release article on

The commands reference page for this 1.2 series has much changed since 1.0. See the list of commands for Siril 1.2 on the old site and in the new documentation (available in PDF on the latter).


See the page of the main site for a detailed presentation of the version and download links.

Changes since 1.0.6

There are really too many to list. An overview is in the main release note, and a list of main changes is in the ChangeLog file.

Known issues

Inevitably, some problems exist in every release, even if we do our best to verify that everything works as expected. For convenience, here will be a list of problems that have been found in this release

  • On Windows only, Starnet Integration does not work as initially intended. Until we deploy a fix, you can still use the feature by starting Siril in this manner:
 - Open a cmd window (Type `cmd` in Windows bar then hit Enter)
 - Launch Siril typing/pasting the following command: `"C:\Program Files\Siril\bin\siril.exe" >nul`
  • Denoise can crash with 16b images. This will be fixed in next beta. In the meantime, you can switch to 32b bitdepth (switch on the top-right corner) to avoid the problem.
  • Converting a sequence to SER will crash upon completion (the SER file is being created nonetheless). This will be fixed in next beta.