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Siril 1.0.3

Release date: June 28, 2022

This is the third minor update of the 1.0 branch. It fixes some of the problems identified in the 1.0.2 version, as listed in its page. Only one feature was added: the generalized hyperbolic transformation, as explained in the main version release article.

The commands reference page for this version is the same as for 1.0.0: see the list of commands for siril-1.0.


See the page of the main site for a detailed presentation of the version and download links.

Changes since 1.0.2

  • Fixed memory leak in PixelMath
  • Fixed memory leak in SER preview
  • Fixed error in seqsubsky
  • Fixed the start of two scripts from @ in succession
  • Fixed homogeneous image bitpix detection on stacking
  • Fixed dates in median and mean stack results
  • Fixed bug in stack of some float images
  • Fixed black point and clipping in asinh stretch function
  • Added new thread for background extraction that does not freeze UI, with a progressbar for RBF
  • Added generalised hyperbolic transform stretch method in Image Processing menu, based on algorithms proposed by David Payne in the astrobin forums

Known issues

Inevitably, some problems exist in every release, even if we do our best to verify that everything works as expected. For convenience, here is a list of problems that have been found in this release:

  • Setting a null rotation with no crop (or passing the command `rotate 0 -nocrop`) would result in a crash. This has been fixed for next 1.0
  • Polynomial background gradient removal had an issue with the degree where it was the degree minus 1 that was used. This has been fixed for next 1.0
  • The area used for flat auto-normalization was wrong. This has been fixed for the next 1.0
  • There was a problem in the GESDT pixel rejection algorithm, allowing an excluded cold pixel to make its way in the stack. This has been fixed for the next 1.0
  • There was a 0.5 pixel offset in PSF coordinates, this has been fixed for the next 1.0
  • Pixel color values were incorrectly reported in the RGB window on mouse pointer movement. This has been fixed for the next 1.0