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Siril 0.99.8

Release date: February 10, 2021

This is the third beta version of the upcoming 1.0 version. It comes with many improvements and bug fixes over the second beta (0.99.6) and also some over the stable version (0.9.12), and continues the big refactoring started with the 0.99 series.

The biggest improvements are new tools for astrometry and performance and stability improvements.

We would like to emphasize the great work made by the beta testers. It allowed us to make this great release with so many bug fixes: Cissou, Colmic, Stéphiou and Trognon. Thank you!


As a beta version of Siril 1.0, we only distribute this version with the packages for the 3 most common platforms (Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux). See the download page.

But as usual, since siril is a free software, it can be built on any OS from source, see the installation page.

What's new in this beta

  • New astrometry annotation and object searching features
  • New snapshot feature
  • Refactoring of the conversion internal algorithm, can convert any sequence to any other sequence type
  • Refactoring of the sequence export with many fixes
  • New ability to exclude sequence frames from the Plot tab
  • New merge command that merges sequences
  • New seqstat command that computes statistics on a sequence
  • Displaying pixel world coordinates at the bottom of the image
  • Improved colour saturation tool with a background factor to adjust the strength
  • Reduced the memory used by global registration
  • Improved FITS image reading time
  • Improving support for films (AVI and others) as sequence: notifying the user, suggesting conversion, fixing parallel operations (should not crash any more)
  • Reduced minimal window size
  • Add rejection type parameters the stack command
  • Improve font adaptation to various screen resolutions
  • Fixed sequence analysis of PSF (seqpsf) for 32-bit images and for sequences with no registration data
  • Fixed out-of-memory conditions on global registration and median or mean stacking (caused some systems to freeze)
  • Fixed memory limits for 32-bit siril on 64-bit OS (available memory becomes 2GB) and fixed opening of large SER files for 32-bit siril
  • Fixed minimum and maximum stacking which were broken for RGB sequences
  • Fixed the setref command to work without an opened sequence
  • Fixed a crash in plate solving on second try and improve its speed
  • Fixed dates in FITS cubes
  • Fixed SER stacking with 32 bits output
  • Fixed bitrate value issue in mp4 export
  • Fixed normalization issue with SER files

The complete list of tickets (features and bugs, with details) is here, on gitlab.