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Siril 0.99.4

Release date: August 14, 2020

This release is a complete refactoring of Siril. See also the change log in the siril commands reference section.

What's new in Siril 0.99.4

  • New UI with a single window
  • New demosaicing algorithms, RCD is now the default one
  • New algorithm to fix the AF square with XTRANS sensor (Kristopher Setnes)
  • New support for FITS decompression and compression with Rice/Gzip and HCompress methods (Fabrice Faure)
  • New support for quantization and HCompress scale factor settings for FITS compression (Fabrice Faure)
  • New functions to extract Ha and Ha/OII from RGB images
  • New linear match function
  • New link command to create symbolic links
  • New convert command to convert all files (and link FITS)
  • New preference entries for FITS compression settings (Fabrice Faure)
  • New native image format: 32-bit floating point image
  • New native sequence format: FITS sequence in a single image
  • New UI for sequence image list
  • New zoom handing: ctrl+scroll (up and down) is the new way to zoom in and out
  • New preview in open dialog
  • New language selector in preferences
  • New image importer: HEIF format
  • New stacking filtering criterion (weighted FWHM). It can exclude more spurious images
  • New macOS bundle
  • New RL deconvolution tool
  • New keyword CTYPE3 for RGB FITS in order to be used by Aladin
  • New binary siril-cli to start siril without X server
  • New preference entries with darks/biases/flat libraries
  • New preliminary Meson support (Florian Benedetti)
  • New ROWORDER FITS keyword that should be used by several programm now
  • X(Y)BAYEROFF can now be configured in preferences
  • Parallelizing conversion and some other functions
  • CI file was totally rewritten (Florian Benedetti)
  • Config file was moved to more standard path
  • Optimization of several algorithms (Ingo Weyrich)
  • Background extraction is now available for sequence
  • Midtone Transfer Function is now available for sequence
  • Fixed code for Big Endian machine (Flössie)
  • Fixed bug in SER joining operation when Bayer information was lost
  • Fixed a bug of inaccessible directories in MacOS Catalina
  • Fixed crash on some OpenCV operation with monochrome images
  • Fixed annoying error boxes about missing disk drives on Windows