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Siril 0.99.10

Release date: June 11, 2021

This is the fourth beta version of the upcoming 1.0 version. It comes with many improvements and bug fixes over the second beta (0.99.6) and also some over the stable version (0.9.12), and continues the big refactoring started with the 0.99 series.

The most important changes are concentrated on the stacking step which has undergone many improvements, and we would like to thank Cécile Melis for her work and her valuable analysis on this new version.


As a beta version of Siril 1.0, we only distribute this version with the packages for the 3 most common platforms (Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux). See the download page.

But as usual, since siril is a free software, it can be built on any OS from source, see the installation page.

What's new in this beta

Illustrated release notes with presentation of the main features is available on the main site.

  • New drag and drop
  • New presets for sequences export
  • New choice between h264 and h265 for mp4 export
  • New Generalized Extreme Studentized Deviate Test as a new rejection algorithm
  • New weighted mean stacking based on bgnoise
  • New independent normalization of each channel for color images
  • New faster location and scale estimators to replace IKSS with similar accuracy
  • New synthetic level for biases
  • New 2- or 3-star registration algorithm with rotation
  • New SER debayering at preprocess
  • New green extraction from CFA
  • New option to downsample image while plate-solving
  • Remember focal and pixel size in astrometry tool
  • Improved memory management for global registration
  • Updated sampling information after channel extraction and drizzle
  • Fixed bands appearing on mean stacking for CFA SER sequences
  • Fixed bug in FFT filter
  • Fixed bug in statistics and normalization for 16b images
  • Changed handling of zero values in statistics, global registration, normalization and stacking

The complete list of tickets (features and bugs, with details) is here, on gitlab.