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Siril 0.9.11

Release date: Coming soon

This release focused on improving some existing but important aspects of image processing: background gradient removal, color calibration using the astrometry feature introduced in the previous release and star photometry, and performance improvement.

Recently, source code, roadmap and issues management have moved to Please report issues you encounter with siril on this website, this will help us fix them and make siril a better program.

Remember that Siril is developed without Windows and that we rely on Windows users to test and give us feedback about integration or porting problems.



 $ sudo apt-get install siril
  • Ubuntu / Linux Mint:
 $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lock042/siril
 $ sudo apt-get update
 $ sudo apt-get install siril
  • Fedora, Mageia 6: All
 # dnf install siril
  • Arch Linux has both the release version and the git development version in the user repository (AUR).
  • AppImage: If you don't find a package for your distribution, you can try to download the AppImage binary. It has been tested on many systems and could work on yours. Make the file executable, and run it. That's all.

macOS ( > 10.9)

  • Download the latest DMG disk image for Siril and follow the instructions.

Windows (64bit)

  • Thanks to a French Siril user (Colmic) there are now two possible methods to install Siril. The first one is based upon an installer and it will also install some very useful scripts in the right place. If you did previously installed the 0.9.9 version, some conflicts may occur. Please remove old Siril application and also the siril directory located in %AppData%. It is important to read all messages during installation.

Download automatic installation

  • As usual we provide an archive with all the needed files in it. We recommend you create a shortcut for the executable at any convenient place. The executable is in the subdirectory bin and is named siril.exe.

Download archive

What's new in Siril 0.9.11

New features:


Bug fixes: