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0000241Siril[All Projects] Sirilpublic2018-03-02 15:24
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Target Version0.9.9Fixed in Version0.9.9 
Summary0000241: Workflow improvement for RAW image preprocessing-> Allow demosaic as last part of the preprocessing.
DescriptionCurrently, when processing RAW images in Siril, I have to:
1. convert Raws to fits (1 additional copy per source image)
2. preprocess the fits (2nd additional copy)
3. convert the preprocessed fits again with enabled demosaicing (3rd additional copy)

This procedure seems cumbersom and takes a lot of time and disk space.

In an ideal world, I could directly use a list of RAWs in the Preprocessing-Tab or as a Sequence. I would just setup my master calibration frames, enable the demosaic option, and do preprocessing and conversion to fits in one go.
As the most basic option that would not require large changes in Siril, it should be possible to demosaic as last part of the preprocessing.

Thanks for considering,
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2018-03-01 10:21

administrator   ~0000481

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For now, we are working on a scripting way to improve the workflow -> 0.9.9
Therefore what you want is not a priority for us.

> As the most basic option that would not require large changes in Siril
I don't think so. Changes would be important, in the GUI and in the code. Though, we've started, some time ago, to implement a new generic function in order to help us to do that in the future.
But for now our priority is to work on the integration of the VIPS library and to handle internally 64bits/channel images.

Then, I have to say that I like the way to keep control on what we are doing. Making the workflow all automatic will lead to a loss of quality.


2018-03-01 12:25

reporter   ~0000482

Allowing to do demosaicing as the last step in preprocessing would not be a large change in the UI, just a checkbox for demosaicing yes/no.
As the preprocessing works on fits, and the functionality for demosaicing fits is already there, I assumed that it could be easily called as the last step when preprocessing an image. Therefore I assumed that it doesn't require a lot of code. I may be wrong there.

I understand that handling RAW files as inputs for a sequence, e.g., would be a larger and more conceptual change.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Siril 0.9.9 / 1.0 with 64bits precision!


2018-03-01 12:29

administrator   ~0000483


Indeed, this point is a really good idea. I will see what I can do.


2018-03-01 12:37

administrator   ~0000484

This option should be available only for FITS.
Indeed, you have to keep in mind that SIril reads SER file natively. I'm not sure that this option is good for SER files that have been loaded and demosaiced on-the-fly.


2018-03-01 16:19

administrator   ~0000485

We can provide something like that:


2018-03-01 16:56

reporter   ~0000486

That looks fantastic and would remove the manual 3rd step.


2018-03-02 14:57

administrator   ~0000487

Fix committed to Siril (2134).

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Siril: 0.9 r2134

2018-03-02 14:57:31


Fix 0000241. Improve workflow by allowing demosaic as last part of the preprocessing. Affected Issues
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