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0000223Siril[All Projects] Sirilpublic2018-02-15 13:31
ReportervinvinAssigned Tovinvin 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target Version0.9.8Fixed in Version0.9.8 
Summary0000223: seqpsf fails the second time
DescriptionWhen running seqpsf or single-star registration, images in which no star was found are excluded from the sequence. The next time seqpsf is run, apparently it is does not run on the correct number of images. This is probably due to this automatic exclusion of images (which is caused by a bug in both our internal cases), which also causes the number of selected image not to be updated after the seqpsf.
It's probably not a good idea to change the selected images as a result of seqpsf.
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2018-01-07 02:48

administrator   ~0000455

Fix committed to Siril (1977).

Related Changesets

Siril: 0.9 r1965

2018-01-02 15:35:14


Trying to fix issue 0000223.
Need to think about a message to the user.
Affected Issues
mod - /branches/0.9/src/core/processing.c

Siril: 0.9 r1977

2018-01-07 02:47:56


The big partial SER and new_fit_image update.
Fixes 0000127 'SER processing of partial image is slow'.
Probably fixes 0000223 'seqpsf fails the second time' by adding the required user feedback messages.
Rewrote new_fit_image that is widely used, may break a few things.
SER partial read is much faster for any type of SER. It is now used in the generic function (used by seqpsf) and in median and rejection stacking.
Affected Issues
0000127, 0000223
mod - /branches/0.9/src/algos/fft.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/core/command.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/core/processing.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/core/proto.h
mod - /branches/0.9/src/core/siril.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/gui/callbacks.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/io/image_format_fits.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/io/sequence.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/io/ser.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/io/ser.h
mod - /branches/0.9/src/registration/registration.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/stacking/stacking.c
mod - /branches/0.9/src/stacking/sum.c

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