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Summary0000107: Add and modify files in install process for better integration
DescriptionWe want to open siril by double-clicking on FITS image.
On Linux this is done by installing two files in the correct places.

siril.xml is installed in /usr/share/mime/packages/siril.xml
The point of this file is to associate any file with a .fit, .fits, .fts extension with the "image/fits" mime-type. (maybe other extensions ?)

siril.desktop is installed in /usr/share/applications/siril.desktop
This file does a few things like specifying an icon for Siril, but it also associates the program with the "image/fits" mime-type. This file already exists in the debian package but it must be modified. (for example, icon specified has a bad quality, it should point to another png icon)

Once this is in place the system knows to open Siril when a .fit file (or others) is double clicked and pass the path of the .fit file to Siril as an argument.

Of course OS X achieves this in a different way. Basically an Info.plist file is included in the installer bundle and this file associates files with a .fit, .fits and .fts extension with Siril.

When a user double-clicks on a FITS file, Siril will be started by the system. However, the filename is not passed as an argument as with Linux, instead a FileOpen event must happen which the application needs to handle.
The icon file, siril.icns, must be copied in the correct place in the applications directory structure and then be referenced it in the Info.plist file.
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related to 0000128 resolvedvinvin Use siril.desktop and others (?) in archlinux 



2016-03-01 01:46

administrator   ~0000227

This is highly dependent on the OS packaging and it's hard to do with autotools. It's probably even discouraged by autotools because it would required hard-coded paths.
How can we manage a different prefix with these files?

I suggest we just reference the files in the SVN for packagers and include them in actual OS packages only. Instructions can still be given in the install doc for people who compile only.

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