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0000103Siril[All Projects] Sirilpublic2017-11-20 23:48
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Summary0000103: Use a more precise format for internal representation of images
DescriptionProcessing algorithms could really benefit a floating point representation, to avoid excessive conversions and to have a better range/resolution. This is obvious for background extraction, but would be very good for many others.

In this task, we will introduce a new native image format for Siril, probably double precision floating point and migrate all processing algorithms to handle it natively at least, and maybe pre-processing and sequence management as well.

It would be nice to have both this new format and the old one, unsigned 16-bit integers, supported natively, in order to keep Siril fast in many operations that manipulate many images (convertion, sequences, pre-processing).
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parent of 0000101 assignedlock42 Background extraction result needs to be expressed in 32 floating bits 
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