Scheduled For Release 2020-05-01
Future version
0000226: [Siril] Add a layer selector for plotted data
0000254: [Siril] Mosaic mode
0000262: [Siril] Multiple selection in the sequence list
0000008: [Siril] Sequence memory management evolution
0000251: [Siril] Support FITS cubes
0000219: [Siril] Mapping pixels in stacking operation
0000212: [Siril] Sequence playback
0000001: [Siril] Sequence spinbutton jumps 2 or 3 images at first click
0000107: [Siril] Add and modify files in install process for better integration
0000170: [Siril] Bayer drizzle
0000131: [Siril] Multiple stars for reference magnitude
0000060: [Siril] Integration of (reference) documentation
0000007: [Siril] Code refactoring: no more static arrays
0000005: [Siril] Evolution - New "cut" function
0000165: [Siril] Switch to VIPS rendering (vinvin)
       0000207: [Siril] Vips: implement all display operations
       0000210: [Siril] Vips: reimplement image region previews for manual registration (vinvin)
       0000209: [Siril] Vips: replace our displayed image saving functions (vinvin)
       0000208: [Siril] Vips: allow overlays to be painted on displayed images (vinvin)
       0000211: [Siril] Vips: implement zoom to fit (vinvin)
       0000006: [Siril] Evolution of display speed (vinvin)
       0000013: [Siril] Pixel aspect is blurred (vinvin)
       0000171: [Siril] Replacing opencv rotation by vips rotation
       0000014: [Siril] Vips: enable zoom with mouse wheel (vinvin)
0000160: [Siril] Use the graphs to define the image rejection function for stacking (vinvin)
0000191: [Siril] Implement astrometry module (lock42)
0000194: [Siril] Parallelize min and max stacking (vinvin)
0000113: [Siril] Parallelize preprocessing (vinvin)
0000103: [Siril] Use a more precise format for internal representation of images (vinvin)
       0000101: [Siril] Background extraction result needs to be expressed in 32 floating bits (lock42)
0000161: [Siril] Use dlopen for ffms2 and ffmpeg use (vinvin)
0000072: [Siril] Allowing user to update FITS keywords (lock42)
0000057: [Siril] Support for sequence files in subdirectories (vinvin)
       0000011: [Siril] Sequence evolution. Sequence should use strings instead of number (vinvin)
0000039: [Siril] Handle Super Pixel demosaicing algorithm in on-the-fly SER stacking (vinvin)
0000047: [Siril] Multi-CC configure (vinvin)
0000139: [Siril] Gtk Warning when clicking on seqlist button (vinvin)
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