Scheduled For Release 2018-11-30
0000280: [Siril] ghost windows
0000032: [Siril] Update new release information
0000263: [Siril] Après l'installation les Scripts ne sont pas présents (vinvin)
0000273: [Siril] Migrate sources and bugs to gitlab (vinvin)
0000285: [Siril] External command stream (vinvin)
0000283: [Siril] Photometric color calibration tool (lock42)
0000286: [Siril] Implement new arcsinh stretch algorithm and command (lock42)
0000284: [Siril] Ability to join SER files (lock42)
0000281: [Siril] Implement Astrometry tool (lock42)
0000282: [Siril] Failed to build svn 2527, missing format in src/gui/message_dialog.c (lock42)
0000277: [Siril] Siril crashes at startup on Windows (lock42)
0000278: [Siril] file numbers in a sequence are not consistant (lock42)
0000258: [Siril] Preserve FITS keywords in sum stacked image (lock42)
0000269: [Siril] Check if the number of FITS can be stacked by Siril on the system (lock42)
0000271: [Siril] Cannot open 32bit float pixels FITS file with values above 1.0 (lock42)
0000256: [Siril] Make RGB Flat normalization for Johnson photometry (lock42)
0000270: [Siril] New command SETFINDSTAR [SIGMA] [ROUNDNESS] (lock42)
0000255: [Siril] Remove deprecated function (vinvin)
0000264: [Siril] Crash on sequence export with normalization (vinvin)
0000260: [Siril] Script with CR+LF are not correctly read (lock42)
0000257: [Siril] Parsing changelog fails with breaking lines (lock42)
0000279: [Siril] crash on BG extraction
0000272: [Siril] Changing the configuration file does not work
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