Released 2018-06-07
0000249: [Siril] Allow a script to be executed on program start-up and headless mode (vinvin)
0000244: [Siril] Execute script file in another thread (vinvin)
0000205: [Siril] Save statistics and autostretch parameters for better performance (vinvin)
0000217: [Siril] Parallelize all registrations (vinvin)
0000240: [Siril] Add a filtering method based on roundness (vinvin)
0000247: [Siril] Allow to normalize stacked images to 16-bit with rejection algorithms (lock42)
0000246: [Siril] Code refactoring: no more wfit (vinvin)
0000245: [Siril] Background extraction broken in current SVN (tested with R.2172) (vinvin)
0000243: [Siril] Registration: wrong handling of scale variations in drizzle case (lock42)
0000227: [Siril] Parallelize min and max search in one pass (lock42)
0000242: [Siril] Autostretch does not work on 8bit images anymore (lock42)
0000237: [Siril] Incorrect One Star registration and stacking for 8-bit FITS (vinvin)
0000241: [Siril] Workflow improvement for RAW image preprocessing-> Allow demosaic as last part of the preprocessing. (lock42)
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