Released 2018-01-31
Eighth stability release for the 0.9 branch.
0000213: [Siril] Gnuplot on windows (lock42)
0000225: [Siril] Exporting the up-scaled sequence does not use the correct selection filter
0000222: [Siril] Image number is not displayed for SER sequences (lock42)
0000223: [Siril] seqpsf fails the second time (vinvin)
0000228: [Siril] Reverse order of save dialog and popup windows (lock42)
0000220: [Siril] Exposure dates of exported SER sequences may be wrong with filtering (vinvin)
0000127: [Siril] SER processing of partial image is slow (vinvin)
0000215: [Siril] Simplified version of drizzle stacking: superstacking (lock42)
       0000224: [Siril] Warn user if available free disk space is not enough for Drizzle (lock42)
0000221: [Siril] Darktheme icons not loaded (lock42)
0000206: [Siril] Make opencv as mandatory dependency (lock42)
0000216: [Siril] Implement Lucy-Richardson deconvolution (lock42)
0000193: [Siril] stackall seems to return double expected value (vinvin)
0000202: [Siril] feature request - commandline command like stackall with other stacking methods like median stacking (vinvin)
0000203: [Siril] Reduce display time of autostretch (lock42)
0000198: [Siril] Siril crashes when searching sequences see log below (lock42)
0000204: [Siril] Set default working directory in the user's Pictures directory (lock42)
0000200: [Siril] Average stack with rejection does not work for SER file (lock42)
0000201: [Siril] Menu is not updated after RGB composition (lock42)
0000195: [Siril] Use Thread-safe progress bar update instead of deprecated one (lock42)
0000197: [Siril] add an option to set image_hook behaviour when function fails (vinvin)
0000196: [Siril] Spinbutton stays disabled if number of stacked images goes below 2 (lock42)
0000189: [Siril] Selecting "Best images .. (PSF) while the loaded sequence has no PSF data make Siril crash (lock42)
0000192: [Siril] Sorting images by FWHM can give some wrong result (vinvin)
0000190: [Siril] Parallelize sum stacking (vinvin)
0000188: [Siril] "images previously manually selected from the sequence" should be selected by default if user check and uncheck frames (lock42)
0000187: [Siril] Impossible to use multithread functions after star alignment in compositing tool (vinvin)
0000186: [Siril] Crash on stacking when no reference image is selected and first image of the sequence is excluded (vinvin)
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