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Siril command line functions reference

This manual is a summary of the dierent commands you can �nd in Siril. As Siril is in alpha test phase, numerous commands can be created and some others can be changed. Please check the date of the compilation of this manual before using.


cd directory

Set the current working directory.


crop x, y, width, height

Crops the current image either with the rectangle previously selected with the mouse or with the x, y, width and height parameters.


ddp level coef sigma

Performs a DDP (digital development processing) as described �rst by Kunihiko Okano. This implementation is the one described in IRIS. It combines a linear distribution on low levels (below level) and a non-linear on high levels. It uses a gaussian filter of sigma sigma multiplies the resulting image by coef.


entropy filename

Computes the entropy of the file given in the parameter filename.



Quits the application.


fill value

Fills the whole current image with pixels having the value intensity.


gauss sigma

Performs a gaussian �lter with the given sigma.



Gives the available commands.


load filename [rvbag]

Loads the fits image filename; it �rst attempts to load filename, then and finally filename.fits, aborting if none of these are found. These scheme is appliable to every siril command implying reading files. Fits headers MIPS-HI and MIPS-LO are read and their values given to the current viewing levels (the second, optional argument is reserved for a future use)



Computes and applies a logarithmic scale to the current image.



Rotates the image around a vertical axis.



Rotates the image around an horizontal axis.


nozero level

Replaces null values by level values. Useful before an idiv or fdiv operation.


save filename [rvbag]

Writes the currently displayed image to Fits headers MIPS-HI and MIPS-LO are added with values corresponding to the current viewing levels (the second, optional argument is reserved for a future use).


savergb filename [rvbag]

Same command than save.

threshlo, threshhi, thresh

These are threshold functions:

  • threshlo 0 replaces negative values with 0s;
  • threshhi 1000 replaces values above 1000 with 1000;
  • thresh 0 1000 does both.


unsharp sigma multi

Applies to the working image an unsharp mask with sigma sigma and coefficient multi.


visu low high

Display an image with low and high as the low and high threshold.


wavelet plan_number type

Computes the wavelet transform on plan_number plans using linear (type=1) or bspline (type=2) version of the 'a trous' algorithm. The result is stored in a file as a structure containing the planes, ready for weighted reconstruction with wrecons.


wrecons c1 c2 ... cn

Reconstructs to current image from the planes previously computed with waveletand weighted with coefficients c1, c2, ... cn according to the number of planes used for wavelet transform