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Siril sourceforge project and website are unmaintained.

The software is being updated to recent operating system libraries. Siril's works internally with FITS images, 16-bit for each pixel information.


  • Image conversion
    • Supported input types in upcoming version: 8-bit BMP, movie files (like .AVI), NetPBM binary types, RAW images (like .CR2).
  • Image registration
    • Supported registration methods: translation for one selected star alignment. Using Theli is considered to align frames with a map (fixes image distortion, rotation, translation, according to many stars referenced by astrometry data).
  • Image stacking
    • Summing and median stacking.

Status of the new version

  • Only RGB images have been tested.
  • Only 3-channel colour images assigned to R, G and B are possible.
  • Command line has been reactivated but no command has been tested
  • FWHM function does not work properly
  • BUG: Progress bar is not always refreshed
  • RAW images may appear very dark


Siril is managed with autotools. So it's simply built using ./configure and make.