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==USB video grabbers==
==USB video grabbers==
Many are handled by Linux too, a list has to be done.
Many are handled by Linux too. The LinuxTV project has a wiki with a [http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Video_via_USB list of supported devices].

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Hardware compatibility list

This page lists some devices and the status of their Linux driver or software used to control it. If you have some devices, you shall add them to the list or leave comments on how they work with Linux. For now, if the experience you have is with a different operating system, like FreeBSD or Mac OS X, you can put it on this page too.


  • For DLSR (reflex cameras), no need to make a full list of devices, they all can be controlled from the USB port using gphoto2.
  • QSI cameras have a control API made by the manufacturer and a software using it already exists with lots of features (including autoguiding): GoQat.
  • Atik cameras are fully unsupported.

Telescope mounts or control devices

  • MCMTII is currently only fully compatible with the non-free PRISM software. However, a setup console program for windows and the DLL used by PRISM are open-source. The current source available from the download page is quite old, but a newer version will be requested soon. The code in Delphi language for windows, thus not easy to understand and port.


  • Robofocus is supported by GoQat amongst others.

RS232 / USB converters

Most of them are handled by Linux, a list has to be done.

Linux kernel sources links: documentation on usb serial devices and drivers and list of files in drivers/usb/serial (= list of chipset names).

USB video grabbers

Many are handled by Linux too. The LinuxTV project has a wiki with a list of supported devices.